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Beethoven or Batman? Music against Crime

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Some time after the dark knight has returned on our screens, stronger than ever, it is clear that you just want to follow the overall enthusiasm about Batman. However, an other group of “superheroes” is actually improving safety in London and in the United States.

Who are they? Don’t look for a signature : you won’t find out anything searching on the walls because this kind of supernatural men do not leave any footmark. Even if you may be confused at the moment, the mystery is almost solved, you just need two clues. The former reveal that no one of your senses could help you, except one : hearing; the latter makes public the unbelievable truth: they are all death.

The secret heroes are musicians (who belonged to the  First Viennese School): Beethoven, Mozart, Haydn. They strongly believed that arts can always have a great role in the society because the instrumental music produces a sort of order in our minds, starting from the harmony. This idea of art as the only way to save the Humankind has been taken on by London and the US , where classical music has been played since last January in the underground. Amazingly, crimes have been dropped down of the thirty-three per cent.

Is this general downward trend the product of an utopian generation of Viennese artists? How long must we wait for being so wise to admit that Arts are not simple works based on a talented hand? Art is not just handcraft.  Klimt and Beethoven tried to theorized the main features of their dreams and firmly immortalized them in the Beethoven’s frieze (reproduction hosted in Spazio Oberdan, Milano some months ago). Although this masterpiece would change even the Joker’s mind, numbers and experiments like that of in the Underground are forceful means of persuasion.

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In conclusion, musicians are demonstrated to be like Batman: they hide themselves and their arms reach you passing through your hears. They were not used to kill people, they were used to spread peace and balance.

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