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#eleBocconi — CDA: Padova, Bifano, Zappala

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Di Nikola Kedhi

The last and the most important debate of the elections was the one between the nomminees for the CDA (University Board). The candidates — Diego Padova (Lista Aperta), Giulia Bifano (B.lab) and Emanuele Zappalà (ACT) — clashed on several topics while describing their electoral programmes.

Diego PADOVA.Diego Padova

Studying in the third year of CLEAM (Italian-language Bachelor in Business Administration and Management), Diego was nominated to he CDA on behalf of Lista Aperta. He believes he is ready to be elected by the students and take on the difficult role of the CDA representative.

Strong points:

  • He gives the impression of someone who listens to his opponents and is not afraid to agree with them when they are right. If elected, this would be his most important asset.
  • The candidate continuously puts an emphasis on the importance of the reduction of bureaucracy. He knows that this works in his favour since most students agree with him.
  • Calm and composed during the whole debate, he is not easily provoked by his opponents.

What did not convince us:

  • He was unable to answer to some of the questions and give an opinion on certain issues. If you are a candidate for CDA, you must give some sort of explanation and cannot agree on most points with opponents.

Giulia BIFANO.Giulia Bifano

Giulia is a fourth-year Law student, born and raised in Calabria. A member of B.lab for two years, she is confident that she can carry on the torch as the CDA representative and do her best while in office.

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Strong points:

  • Undoubtedly, charisma is her most distinguished characteristic. When she speaks, she can both convey passion and make clever jokes.
  • Giulia mentions B.lab’s accomplishments in a natural and elegant way in her arguments. Her group’s achievements are an advantage and she knows how to leverage that in a discussion.
  • The nominee feels comfortable in the spotlight and does not shy away from debate.

What did not convince us:

  • She presents arguments in a passionate way and this can be considered a plus. However, when left unrestricted, this approach may quickly turn against her.

Emanuele ZAPPALÀ.Emanuele Zappalà

In his third year of CLEAM, Emanuele is no stranger to student elections. He feels that his experience will be enough to secure a seat on the CDA. His motto is: “Change the way we do student representation”.

Strong points:

  • He believes that it is time for a new way of doing things as far as student representation is concerned. This is something he repeats several times knowing that students do like change and new ideas.
  • The candidate points out the importance of giving students more responsibilities. According to him, an increased involvement of students will lead to better representation.
  • He is not afraid to put bold proposals on the table while also explaining why there is a need for them.

What did not convince us:

  • He promises to introduce radical changes but does not realise that success is impossible in some cases.
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