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Marco Rubio: GOP’s rising star

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di Nikola Kedhi.

Has America found its Savior?

The US presidential elections are approaching and candidates are launching their bids one after the other. Marco Rubio — a Senator from Florida — seems the most promising one among them.

Firstly, Mr. Rubio is a young politician and as such he can appeal to the American youth. The problem with the Republican Party today is that it does not attract many young people. These voters want politicians whom they can relate to, who are reliable and able to set examples. With Rubio, the GOP has the perfect chance to attract the youth, i.e. the next generation.

As a son of two immigrants who left Cuba for a better life in America, he has lived the American Dream. He knows all too well the difficulties that the average American faces. But more importantly, he has been taught that there is only one way to succeed in life and that is through hard work. His upbringing is one of his greatest assets. It shows he is just like any other American and the middle class can easily identify with him.

In my opinion, the most important element is that he has a vision for his country’s future and not just an electoral program. Marco Rubio believes that he can make America strong again. From what I have seen, that is indeed Rubio’s intention. Today, we live in an era full of dangers and threats. Having a strong US, as Rubio advocates, can be a benefit to us all.

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A necessary characteristic for a president is the ability to cooperate. Senator Rubio has shown he knows how to work with the other party. He contributed to the bipartisan bill on immigration. Some consider this to be a liability for him but I believe the Americans want a president that can rise above the party conflicts and collaborate when needed.

Lastly, he is a conservative in his views so naturally he appeals to the Republican base. Among other things, the presidential candidate is pro-life, advocates low taxes and believes that family plays a central role in society.

Lincoln, Reagan and Nixon are proof that the GOP can give America great presidents. Will Rubio be the next one?

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