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Tra I Leoni: A no spin zone

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til_logo_twitterA few parting thoughts.

By Nikola Kedhi

Being a freshman is one of the most memorable experiences an individual may have in their entire life. You arrive in a new university, full of unknown people, trying to find yourself and your place in a new community. A mix of excitement, curiosity, anxiety and eagerness is a part of everyone who sets foot on campus the first day. Students try to find some sense of belonging. After all, it is human nature that pushes us to be a part of something. The issue is finding something that is worth the time and dedication. Something that gives back as much as you put in.

However, a freshman at Bocconi will find it difficult to feel alone. Countless associations will have given new students their flyers and explained the purpose of their organizations even before reaching the Velodromo doors. But how can one choose amid all these great options? All students want some place where they can express their thoughts freely, where they can be heard, but also learn and grow as individuals. A group with which they can have fun, enjoy their stay and, why not, feel at home.

I can say that during my three years at Bocconi one group has definitely made quite an impact on me: Tra i Leoni. My stay there is but a small fragment of the almost two decades that the newspaper has been in function. But the time spent in it was enough to meet some of the most energetic, dedicated and best people I have ever seen. Through them, and all of those that have contributed to it, TiL has come a long way since its creation.

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Sometime ago I read an article of a past editor, in which he expressed his hopes for Tra i Leoni. He wished for it to become “a platform for the exchange of ideas. A privileged place in which people can confront and discuss ideas and enrich themselves”. I believe that slowly Tra i Leoni is achieving that vision.

It is impossible to go through life without offending people. It is also impossible not to be judged on a certain opinion. These should hold no one back. Freedom of expression is not merely a necessity, it is also a right. Strong, well articulated, fact based opinions are important for communities and society to go forward. TiL provides this oasis of high quality articles, full of mature thoughts that is rare finding in the desert of ideas surrounding us. Whether you love sports or music, lean left or right, like interviews or movie reviews, Tra i Leoni gives the possibility to write and read to everyone.

Writing is not only a means of expressing yourself. It is also a window that enables the writer to reach many people who dedicate some minutes of their time to read what you have written. TiL knows that and does not let its readers waste their time in vain.

The newspaper rejects mediocrity and embraces the brilliant and the unique. It throws away futile propaganda, instead inviting elegantly common sense. Anyone that values this should try Tra i Leoni.

However, it is not all writing. If you are a member of the newspaper, you have been given a chance of interacting with people that you are not likely to meet every day. Diego Della Valle, Mario Monti, Andrea Sironi and Christine Lagarde are only some of the well-known names that members of Tra I Leoni have interviewed in recent years. Businessmen, politicians, celebrities from art and music have all answered the clear and smart questions of our members.

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Entering Tra i Leoni does not mean that you are or will become a journalist. It is not an imitation of other newspapers or magazines. It is simply a place where enthusiastic people come to contribute, give their ideas and create something that is of some worth and value to everyone. But most importantly it is also a place where you can have fun, meet great people and create friendships.

Tra i Leoni is by no means perfect. It has a long way forward, but it is in the right direction. I can say with great certainty that out of all organizations it is the one with the highest potential, as long as passionate students continue to work in it.

For sure, not everyone has the ability to write for TiL, the same way that it is not meant that all can pass between the lions. But those that do will be in for a wonderful experience. As one, a long time ago, has said: “Staying between the lions means passing where none dare, investigating what no one wants to talk about, it means describing, telling, digging, free from fears, superstitions, and curtsies, the realities that surround us.” #roarwithTil.

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