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University News

Bocconians return to campus. Finally, both “odds” and “evens” have had the chance to see their beloved Bocconi, which this year was revolutionizedFirst of all, uni became a driving school with crosses and arrows everywhere. Secondly, you are finally free to yawn in Private law classes with no professor staring at you (compensating for the fact that you have to die of heat and thirst,  wearing a piece of cloth on your mouth for at least 1 hour and a half). Then, there is the stylish GUD (“che ne sanno i 2001” of what Bbar looked like) and a brand-new shop in Velodromo (apparently a branch of Montenapoleone street according to what prices suggest).

Bocconi residences forbid guest entrance due to contagion risk. On Wednesday, the Housing Center sent an email to students living in the residences, informing them that no external guests will be admitted anymore, in order to limit the possible occurrences of infections. While panic quickly started spreading among those who had the habit to sneak into the Castiglioni or Bligny residences to take advantage of the beautiful study rooms, apparently a compromise might have been reached by the Student body: each person should have to designate 5 people they will be able to let in (but no more than  2 at the time). In short, students could have to start a real recruitment session to see who will deserve to take the precious “CONGIUNTI” position!
Hot dilemma: this hypothetical regulation would make it necessary to decide in advance with whom you might possibly end up sleeping during the year, hence think about your choice carefully! (If you’re insecure about your actual chances with your crush, feel free to ask for advice to one of the many strategic consultancy associations such as Jeme)

Lights pointed at Associations on Display. All student associations, apart from the banned ones, were invited to join the most classic September event. This year, Tra i leoni is present on Monday and Friday. During the event, all precautions against Covid-19 must be respected: in fact, we must share our space with Radio Bocconi and Bocconi Tv.
EXCLUSIVE! Taula’s stand was spotted right next to the ambulance. “Hang on, it’s on public soil, they should have asked permission to the City of Milan”: someone wondered in the Bocconi Associations group, according to a Blab.

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World News

Trump says he has approved a deal for the purchase of Tik Tok. Ban of the Chinese app holds on. On Sunday, President Donald Trump said he has approved a deal between TikTok’s parent company ByteDance and Oracle, which will temporarily avert a ban on TikTok in US app stores. ByteDance will continue to be majority owner of TikTok under this agreement, which is approved “in concept” by Mr Trump. This deal, which will also include Wal-Mart, will be of “100 percent” security and will include a $5 billion fund for US education, without specifying which companies will be making the payment.

Britain Scrambles to Avoid a Second LockdownThe government is contemplating a number of new measures — so many that Britons are growing confused and resentful. With local shutdowns creeping across the UK and a testing system on the verge of collapse, temporary closures are a very plausible plan for the next few weeks. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is sceptical about the situation, and wishes to pursue a “better safe than sorry” strategy, to avoid another large-scale crisis. 

US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Dies at 87. Longtime US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died on Friday due to complications with cancer. Having been the second woman to serve on SCOTUS, she was recognized for her staunch support of women’s rights, on which she built her career. She spent a lifetime thriving despite adversity and gender-discrimination before being appointed a Supreme Court justice. With less than two months until the general election on the 3rd of November, Ginsburg’s vacancy on the Court may allow incumbent President Trump to solidify the 5-4 conservative majority on the court, if reelected, electing a sixth republican justice. 

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European Parliament: Lukashenko should not be recognised as Belarus president In an overwhelming show of support for pro-democracy protesters in Belarus, the EU Parliament voted 574 to 37, with 82 abstentions, to reject the official results of a 9 August presidential election that the West says was rigged. Moscow’s support is now more important than ever for the authoritarian leader Alexander Lukashenko in order to stay in charge, with Putin willing to grant Belarus a $1.5 bn loan given that “a friend is in trouble”.

Two Gulf nations recognized Israel at the White House. President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu were joined by the foreign ministers of the UAE and Bahrain at the White House to mark historic normalization agreements between Israel and the two Arab countries. The signatories of the Abraham Accords will “change the course of history”, according to Mr Trump and will symbolise “the new dawn of a new Middle East”. They will serve as the foundation for a comprehensive peace across the entire region, normalizing the relationships between Israel and its Arab neighbours after decades of unbalanced peace. After years of covert relations with many of the Sunni Gulf states, Israel will join political hands again with two of its neighbors.

News italiane

Morta Rossana Rossanda, “comunista eretica” e fondatrice de Il Manifesto. Il 20 settembre a Roma è morta all’età di 96 anni Rossana Rossanda, intellettuale italiana e fondatrice del giornale Il Manifesto. Amica di personalità culturali di spicco come Sartre e Foucault, fu dirigente del PCI tra gli anni ’50 e ’60, per poi venire radiata dallo stesso a seguito delle critiche che aveva mosso nei confronti del Partito. Definitasi “ragazza del secolo scorso” nella sua autobiografia, è stata una donna intensa, profonda ed estremamente colta che per il suo stesso giornale ha scritto pagine vere, senza omissioni e, per questo, aspramente criticate. 

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Milano è la città più “circolare” d’Italia. Una classifica pubblicata dal Centro Studi in Economia e Regolazione dei Servizi, dell’Industria e del Settore Pubblico (CESISP), associato all’Università di Milano-Bicocca piazza Milano come prima in tutta l’Italia per la gestione e riutilizzo dei rifiuti e per la riduzione dello spreco. Lo studio nota in particolare la disparità tra il Nord e Sud Italia: le ultime posizioni della classifica sono occupate esclusivamente da città del Sud Italia, come Palermo (penultima tra i 20 centri urbani più popolosi d’Italia) e Catania (ultima in classifica). Rispetto al resto dell’Europa,  Milano e’ superata solo da altre 3 città’: Copenhagen, Berlino, e Parigi. 

Google lancia “Google per le aziende” per le PMI italiane. Google ha introdotto in Italia dal 1o Settembre “Google per le aziende”, un sito dedicato alle piccole e medie imprese per aiutare gli imprenditori con tutte gli aspetti “online” delle loro aziende. “Google per le aziende” permette di creare un sito web personalizzato, preparare e lanciare una strategia di marketing, e accedere a vari dati raccolti dai clienti tramite sondaggi e recensioni.

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