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What to Watch Out for This Week

Tra i Leoni n. 93 is out this Thursday. We dedicate this edition to the celebration of internationalism, which as you will read, is a reality we discuss about also here at Bocconi, in the realm of our University. Major turmoil has shaken the world for the past months: from US elections to Pakistan, from India to Chile, we investigate what is happening in the world right now. Don’t miss it!

End of lectures coming! On Friday 4th of December, almost all academic courses are going to end, except for some MBA programs. It was a very weird semester, the first ‘blended’ semester of our history (or half blended, to be precise). We sincerely hope we won’t have to experience something like this again, and we will be back to real life soon. Until then, Monday Briefing is accompanying you and reminds you that, despite Covid-19, the end of lectures in December means the same two things: Xmas Holidays and Exam Session! Good luck from our Redazione.

University News

Ursula Von Der Leyen’s speech at the opening ceremony of the 2020-2021 academic year of the Bocconi University. The President of the EU Commission addressed our student community at the inauguration of the academic year on Saturday. Among the memorable parts of her speech, Miss. Von der Leyen reminded us that “building the future will depend on you, on the next generation of Europeans. You are studying to be the leaders of tomorrow – in business, in politics, in academia and in society. The future will be what you make of it. Europe will be what you want it to be.” The President also praised the city of Milan; many will remember her saying that “Milan l’è un gran Milan”, like a true Milanese. 

During the ceremony, Bocconi’s students even received a special message from the Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, who told us that “as disconcerting as the effects of this crisis may be, they can do nothing to dampen the thirst for knowledge that you have displayed by choosing the internationally renowned Bocconi University.” 

Given the enthusiasm that Ms. Von der Leyen and Ms. Merkel believe we have, it is quite evident that they never actually had to take an exam on Respondus.

President Monti and Dean Caselli participated at the U7+ Alliance Summit. The agenda of the event, held in the period 22nd-24th November, included planning action within the G7, discussing ethical applications of AI and ways to encourage intergenerational dialogue on globally relevant topics.

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European News

AstraZeneca reveals dosing mistake in coronavirus vaccine trials. At the beginning of last week, a third vaccine against Covid-19 was announced by the Britist-Swedish pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, in partnership with the University of Oxford. Although the vaccine’s efficacy was initially supposed to be at 90%, it turned out to be just 62% effective for those patients who received two full doses. Mene Pangalos, head of biopharmaceuticals research and development at AstraZeneca, admitted to Reuters on Monday that some participants received a half dose and then a full dose due to a dosing error. The candidate vaccine will now undergo new trials.

Scotland becomes the first nation to provide free period products for all. Scotland became the first nation in the world to make menstruation products such as tampons and pads free for those who cannot afford them.

World News

Donald Trump tells the government to comply with the Biden Transition. On Monday, President Trump announced that his administration would begin cooperating with President elect Joe Biden’s transition team, a clear indication of his bowing to Republican pressure to start the transfer of power. Even as the President vowed to continue contesting his election loss and naming the results ‘wrong’, his statement signalled the beginning of the transition from Republicans to Democrats. Mr Trump said on Twitter that the General Services Administration should ‘do what needs to be done with regard to initial protocols’, which came soon after Mr Biden became the certified winner in the states of Pennsylvania and Nevada. Despite the unprecedented effort to overturn the results of the election, Mr Trump embraced the electoral results, as this is ‘in the best interest of our Country’.

Iran’s top nuclear scientist was assassinated. Mohsen Fakhrizadeh was assassinated by gunmen believed to be related to Israel. His death may blow efforts from President-elect Biden to resume talks on the nuclear deal with Iran.

Joe Biden nominates the first woman to lead the Intelligence and the first Latino to head homeland security. President-elect Joe Biden announced on Monday a slate of top foreign policy and national security picks, including the first woman to lead the US intelligence community and the first Latino to helm the Department of Homeland Security. Avril Haines, former top CIA official and national security adviser, will make history as the first woman director of national intelligence, while Cuban-born Alejandro Mayorkas will be tasked with rebuilding an agency that carried out some of the most draconian measures associated with Mr Trump’s immigration policy. Despite Mr Trump’s ongoing efforts to reverse the election results and halt the transition, Mr Biden is moving swiftly to form his incoming administration. The string of announcements was also followed by the confirmation of Antony Blinken as the next secretary of state and Linda Thomas-Greenfield to be the US ambassador to the United Nations.

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Israel invites Lebanese President for direct talks over maritime disputes. Israel has called on the President of Lebanon to participate in direct talks to discuss the two countries’ disputed maritime borders. Israeli Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz invited Lebanese President to talk in Europe in what was considered a rare outreach between nations that are still technically at war. The two powers of the Middle East opened negotiations on the border dispute under US and UN auspices last month to clear the way for offshore oil and gas exploration. 

Guatemala’s controversial budget ‘shelved’ amid protests. Last Wednesday, Guatemala’s congress passed the country’s budget for 2021 which amounted to $13billion, the largest in Guatemala’s history. This triggered large protests, with demonstrators saying that the funds would benefit big businesses. On Saturday the 21st, protestors set fire to part of the Congress building in the capital, Guatemala City. This Monday, speaker Alan Rodriguez said the congress would not send the new budget to the president to sign and it would therefore not come into force. 

Diego Maradona: Argentina legend dies aged 60. The Argentinian football legend died on Wednesday, due to a heart attack suffered at his home in Buenos Aires. Countless demonstrations of love and tributes took place all over the world, especially in Buenos Aires and Napoli, which are the cities where Maradona left the sweetest memories during his career. The city of Napoli is now changing the name of the stadium in his honour. 

Capital of Ethiopia’s Tigray region under control of Ethiopian forces, says PM after intense bombardment. Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF) have taken control of Mekelle, the capital of the country’s Tigray region, according to a tweet from Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. There have been reports of atrocities committed by federal forces since Abiy ordered airstrikes and a ground offensive against Tigray’s rulers for defying his authority. Tigrayan leaders have accused federal forces of killing innocent civilians while targeting churches and homes. According to the United Nations, 40,000 people have fled to neighbouring Sudan and hundreds have died in the conflict.

A 5-4 US Supreme Court ruling rejected some restrictions imposed by New York governor Cuomo on religious services. The ruling gives an idea of how profoundly President Trump has changed the court, whose composition has shifted much towards conservatorism.

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Notizie italiane

Bilancio di casi e decessi da Covid-19. I contagi sono passati dai 22.930 di lunedì ai 20.648 di domenica; i decessi da 630 a 541. Dall’inizio della pandemia, almeno 1.585.178 persone hanno contratto il virus, per 54.904 delle quali è stato fatale.

Lombardia, Piemonte e Calabria in zona arancione da domenica 29. Le tre regioni passano dalla zona rossa a quella arancione, mentre Liguria e Sicilia vanno in zona gialla. In Lombardia riaprono i negozi e in Veneto i centri commerciali. Dal 4 dicembre, sarà arancione anche la Toscana.

È scontro tra governo e regioni sulla decisione di chiudere gli impianti sciistici durante le vacanze natalizie, con la riapertura prevista in gennaio. Una proposta di apertura natalizia delle regioni è stata bloccata dal governo, mentre si lavora a una chiusura a livello europeo. Resta il nodo dell’Austria, che potrebbe aprire ugualmente e dove molti italiani potrebbero recarsi in vacanza, limitando l’utilità delle misure attuate nel nostro Paese. Nel frattempo, è allo studio del governo la quarantena per chi a Natale andrà all’estero.

Il centrodestra unito ha votato a favore dello scostamento di bilancio. Una vittoria di Berlusconi, secondo la stampa, che avrebbe preso l’iniziativa e trascinato l’intera alleanza. E dopo gli screzi interni allo schieramento, Salvini propone di federare il centrodestra, ma restano divergenze.

Il governo lavora a una cabina di regia per il Recovery Fund. Il piano da presentare a Bruxelles dovrebbe essere elaborato, secondo quanto si apprende, da un gruppo di lavoro fortemente piramidale con supervisione politica, affiancato da sei manager indipendenti.

Milano, apre il secondo food market che dà lavoro ai diversamente abili. Sull’onda del grande successo ottenuto con il primo negozio nel quartiere di Niguarda a Milano, apre in via Luca Signorelli 13 il nuovo store ZeroPerCento, il food market della cooperativa Namasté che promuove l’inserimento lavorativo di persone da tempo disoccupate e con disabilità intellettiva.

Una polpetta sospesa per i senzatetto di Milano. Chi frequenta la zona della Bocconi probabilmente lo conosce già, è il locale in Viale Bligny dal nome “Birra e Polpette”, il cui proprietario si è distinto per un’iniziativa benefica. Attraverso una raccolta di donazioni, sarà possibile distribuire almeno 150 pasti nella sera dell’8 dicembre, che verranno donati a chi ne ha bisogno, a senza fissa dimora, a persone in difficoltà, grazie all’aiuto dell’associazione Progetto Arca.

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