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Finance Friday 06.05.2016

Reading time: 3 minutes Di Nikola Kedhi The Atlante fund — named after the Titan god condemned to hold up the heavens for eternity — is the latest attempt of the Italian government to [ … ]

Finance Friday 29.04.2016

Reading time: 3 minutes By Nikola Kedhi. Hedge funds may very well be described as the most mysterious and secretive part of the financial world. Unregulated, highly competitive and characterized by large rewards, they [ … ]

50 Shades of Panama

Reading time: 3 minutes By Nikola Kedhi. A hurricane of names, sums of money and offshore accounts coming from Panama on Sunday evening quickly passed borders and continents. The Panama Papers, considered the biggest [ … ]

Finance Friday 18.03.16

Reading time: 3 minutes By Nikola Kedhi. Draghi’s bazooka — that is what they are calling the ECB’s latest decision regarding a more aggressive monetary easing. The ECB President not only delivered what he [ … ]

Finance Friday 04.03.2016

Reading time: 3 minutes By Nikola Kedhi. Markets entered 2016 swept by panic, constant declines and pessimism. Many analysts and investors were persistently warning of a looming recession for the world’s main economies. However, [ … ]

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