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What To Watch Out For This Week

  • European Council on Thursday. European Prime Ministers will decide which financial measures to adopt to fight against the economic crisis.
  • Tra i Leoni Instagram Live Event with Alessandro Cascavilla on Friday. We’ll talk about the outcome of the European Council live on Instagram with Alessandro Cascavilla, Junior Economist at Osservatorio Conti Pubblici Italiani and founder of Economia del Suicidio. Find out more about him by searching @ale.conomista!
  • You@Home. After releasing some videos answering the first questions made by students, our Representatives are going to answer Tra i Leoni’s questions concerning how the University is handling the crisis. Stay tuned with our IG stories in order to know the exact date and time of the event!

University News

  • Failure to adjust exams timetable for international students: Students’ protest letter delivered. International students joined forces to address a common issue. Lamenting the difficulty to take exams at the same time as Italians, they wrote a letter proposing to establish two different timetables (one in the morning, one in the afternoon) or take exams at 15 p.m. Italian time, which would make it more compatible with different time zones. Apparently, the university welcomed the first proposal and two slots will be introduced: well done guys, this is the power of Bocconi students!
  • Rector Verona interviewed by Montemagno. The youtuber Marco Montemagno, who has more than 500k subscribers to his channel, made a live interview with our rector Gianmario Verona, about university activities and online learning. People participating to the live could also ask questions: during the conversation – streamed from home – we have got to know a different side of Mr. Verona (and we love him even more now).
  • New You@B app. Some Marketing students were asked to conduct market research about the new design of the You@B mobile app. They asked students about their preferences on several new features: a personalized home, notifications, an up-to-date calendar integrating all commitments, integration of Blackboard and PuntoBlu, Attendance QR code etc. Although the university hasn’t put out any official statement, a new app might be coming soon… FINALLY!

World News

  • Donald Trump harshly criticised for his Covid-19 crisis mismanagement. Antony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, stated that more lives could have been saved if the country had been shut down earlier. To respond, Trump retweeted a conservative calling for Fauci to be sacked, fuelling speculations about Fauci’s future at the WH. The POTUS has also been accused of supplying life-saving medical equipment to States based on electoral considerations rather than on the actual health urgency.
  • Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren eventually endorsed Joe Biden as official Democratic nominee. After Bernie Sanders withdrew from Democratic Primaries, former Obama’s Vice-President Joe Biden remains the only candidate able to contend Mr. Trump the Presidential job in November. Biden’s electoral hegemony was already clear after the results of Super Tuesday occurred on the 3rd of March. The Senator from Vermont declared: “”We need you in the White House. I will do all that I can to see that that happens, Joe”. Elizabeth Warren, who was running in the Primaries representing a progressive wing of the Democratic Party, stated: “When you disagree, he’ll listen – not just listen, but really hear you”. The Democratic party seems to be unifying against Trump, will that be enough for Biden to win the White House?
  • China revised upwards the official number of Covid-19 fatalities in Wuhan. Chinese authorities have now added 1,290 victims to the previous figure, for a total of 3,869. Skepticism is mounting for what concerns the reliability of Chinese announcements, especially after the country’s alleged cover-up of the initial phase of the outbreak.
  • EU Parliament approved Recovery Fund. On Friday, the European Parliament voted a resolution encouraging Member States to introduce a Recovery Fund aimed at sustaining the European economic recovery. The Recovery Fund should be financed through the issuance of so-called ‘Recovery Bonds’, backed by the EU’s budget. Recovery Bonds would mutualize the costs of crisis. However, the European Council scheduled on Thursday will have the final say on the matter.
  • Spain is going to extend the lockdown, but restrictions for children will be eased earlier. Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez announced that youngsters will be allowed to stop quarantining from the 27th of April on, under certain conditions which haven’t been specified yet. Sanchez also announced that current restrictions will be prolonged to the 9th of May, and that they will be progressively loosened starting from the 11th of May.
  • Macron’s interview with the Financial Times. Emanuel Macron’s interview with the Financial Times was centred on the evolution of capitalism. The French president argues that the COVID-19 pandemic forces leaders to “think the unthinkable” and come up with new, more feasible economic solutions, which will help countries overcome the great economic burden caused by the pandemic. Macron also supports immediate EU funding to the affected countries, although sceptical on their political feasibility and concerned for the future of both France and Europe.
  • The potential Coronavirus Drug. Though it may be too soon to celebrate, promising first data has emerged on the effectiveness of the experimental drug Remdesivir to treat COVID-19. 68% of the people who received the drug showed signs of improvement, with some patients being discharged. Despite the very positive findings, physicians argue that clinical trials will be necessary to confirm their validity. The benefit of the drug is obvious, though the quantification of its contribution is still not easy to evaluate.
  • OPEC members reached an agreement regarding oil production. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the oil market suffered a large supply shock. Soon, an oil price war emerged with OPEC members competing with one another for market share. After unprecedented efforts by major OPEC members, Russia and Saudi Arabia, alongside the US, oil prices were stabilized. Close to 10% of the world output (9.7 million barrels per day), is the agreed upon percentage production cut to stabilise the market. The agreement comes as a moment of sudden epiphany for both Russia and Saudi Arabia, after they realized that their rivalry is causing self-inflicted financial wounds.
  • With Operation “Peace Storm”, Libyan Prime Minister Fayez Al Serraj, supported militarily by Turkey, has regained control of six areas, including Sabratha and other important centres on the East coast, over general Haftar’s army. The most hit are as usual civilians, to which add fears of the coronavirus spreading, in a country lacking adequate health facilities.
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News italiane

  • Coronavirus, Von Der Leyen: “L’UE presenta scuse sentite all’Italia”. L’Europa chiede scusa all’Italia. Di fronte al Parlamento europeo, la Presidente della Commissione europea Ursula Von der Leyen ha chiesto scusa per il fatto che “molti erano assenti quando l’Italia ha avuto bisogno di aiuto all’inizio della pandemia”. La dialettica tra Paesi Europei è ancora molto accesa, ma la Presidente continua a insistere sulla necessitĂ  di un contemporaneo Piano Marshall per facilitare la ripresa delll’Europa. Di Maio definisce quello della Von der Leyen un “importante atto di verità” che, difendendo il nostro Paese, ha fatto emergere un’Europa dal volto piĂš solidale.
  • Carlo Bonomi è il nuovo presidente di Confindustria. Carlo Bonomi, 53 anni, è stato eletto come presidente di Confindustria. Poco dopo la vittoria, lancia subito un appello: è necessario affrontare con decisione e tenacia la situazione critica che è davanti a noi. Bonomi definisce la classe politica del nostro Paese come attualmente “smarrita” e senza alcuna idea della strada da percorrere. Poi, dichiara ai colleghi che non ritiene opportuno far indebitare le imprese, poichĂŠ si deve agire in maniera tempestiva, senza sprecare altro tempo.
  • Coronavirus, riapertura Lombardia dal 4 maggio: lo stupore del governo che vede Salvini dietro il “blitz”. La Regione Lombardia chiede la riapertura a partire dal 4 maggio delle attivitĂ  che garantiscono le “4D”: distanza, dispositivi, digitalizzazione e diagnosi. La richiesta della regione piĂš colpita d’Italia non viene commentata da Conte, ma si sospetta che dietro il passaggio di Fontana da una rigorosa chiusura a una “riapertura intelligente” ci siano le pressioni di Matteo Salvini, il quale si è rallegrato della scelta del governatore di “chiuderla con le chiusure”.
  • Lega vota contro Eurobond in Parlamento; M5S vota sĂŹ ad Eurobond ma contro Recovery Fund. L’Italia si presenta divisa all’interno del Parlamento Europeo durante le votazioni riguardanti gli aiuti che l’UE dovrĂ  mettere in campo per fronteggiare la pandemia. In particolare, il M5S ha votato contro i Recoverybond e a favore dei Coronabond, mentre il suo alleato, il PD, ha optato per una posizione diversa. La Lega, invece, si è opposta ai Coronabond e si è astenuta dai Recoverybond. In generale, è mancata la compattezza dei partiti davanti all’Europarlamento e le scelte politiche operate sono state contraddittorie rispetto a quelle espresse in Italia.
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