Tra i Leoni is 100% student-run: therefore, our team is in charge not only of writing, but also of editing the articles to be published and of designing and publishing our bimonthly publications. To do so, the TiL structure features different areas and teams dealing with the different tasks.

How TiL Works


Events Team

In the events team, we explore ways to create a deeper engagement of our reader community through interviews, meetings and conferences involving major figures from both journalistic and non-journalistic contexts. Thanks to social media, COVID-19 hasn’t prevented this from happening. For such an ambitious aim to become reality, willpower is not enough. Great organizational and planning skills, remarkable attention to detail, as well as an extra touch of originality are the right ingredients for our members. Tying balloons without popping them is our favorite activity.

Media Team

Tra i Leoni’s Media division is dedicated to making our content as interactive and accessible to all students as possible. This past semester, the media division has collaborated virtually to create visually engaging graphics and promotion to spread the word of editorial projects and events the teams have been working on. Since then, Tra i Leoni’s online platforms have observed an uptick in the social media engagement alongside enthusiastic responses from the Bocconi community. Future plans include exploring new media and innovative methods of content creation.

Marketing Team


TiL Rundown

The TiL Rundown is a brand new Tra i Leoni column focused on the very latest developments in the various areas of society/technology/innovation/culture. It’s meant to be heavily research-based and analytical, so as to distinguish the articles we produce from the less technical ones, but still accessible to everybody. The content is evidence-based and data-driven. Ability to understand data, surveys and navigate complex information sources is a requirement.
You can find the first issue here.

Monday Briefing

A column condensing all the information Bocconi students need to start their week: campus life and events, national and international news in a concise format. Out each Monday morning during the academic year. Readers can also opt-in to receive it in their inbox.
You can find the first issue here.

Tra i Leoni & Jobs

In this new column, we want to interview Bocconi alumni in order to obtain insightful advice on their job field and their experiences as Bocconi students in the past.