Editorial Board

A growing newspaper needs a robust structure and resourceful people to ensure that every single step of this growth is not wasted. Tra i Leoni wants to be a guide through our long university path, spent among the grey Velodromo building, under the flickering lights of the library, with the endless chattering in the cafeterias, and between the numerous classrooms of via Sarfatti. 

Our aim is to provide knowledge and information on many and various fields, having the same engagement in all different sectors. For this reason, we want to put any effort to achieve this objective. 

Editorial Director: Linda Fasoli

Editorial Director

Deputy Directors: Bojan Zeric, Daniela Garcet

Bojan Zeric
Deputy Director
Deputy Director

Chief Editors: Eman Maan, Emma Velasquez Mariucci, Liepa Seskeviciute

Web Manager: Daniela Garcet

Deputy Director

Graphic Designer: Alessia Vezzoli, Cecilia Gadina