The Editorial Staff

Tra i Leoni is Bocconi University’s official student newspaper and has represented the hub of student-driven media of the historic Milanese university for more than twenty years. It gives a voice to those who wish to express their own and others’ experiences by reflecting on the world around them, analyzing events and phenomena of modern society, and confronting internal issues of university life.

With bimonthly publications, Tra i Leoni explores topics that range from economics and news, to arts and culture: covering everything from film to finance to satire, and most importantly, everything going on in the Bocconi campus.

The mission of Tra i Leoni is not only to make available to everyone a source of thorough and relevant information, but also to position itself at the center of intellectual debate between the students of our university.

Our principles are founded in independence, freedom of the press, individualism, and constant improvement.

Why join? To nurture your passion for journalism, meet new people, live your university experience to its fullest, strive for a 360° intellectual awareness, and to learn to work together for a common goal, developing important managerial and interpersonal skills.

Our authors

The following is a list of all the present authors of our website. For more details about our staff, check the Board of Directors page. Former authors who gave a significant contribution to TiL will soon be made available on the Alumni page.