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November Photography Contest

November Photography Contest
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Our first Monthly Photography Contest is here! Each month, the winning entry will be featured on our latest edition.

To enter, simply submit your entries in the form at this link or tag us at #TiLphotocontest. The deadline for submissions is November 24th.

Following the theme of “Your city through your lens” you can submit up to 3 images that capture what makes your favourite city special.

Whether that is its bustling streets in a pre COVID-19 world, its serene stillness under lockdown or the quiet hours of the morning… we encourage you to make the theme yours as much as possible.

We are looking for entries that are original and consistent with a twist that encapsulates the essence of your home. Even if your entries focus on small details, the city must be recognisable. We hope that you look out for the little things with a photographer’s eye.

Good luck and we look forward to seeing your entries by the 24th!

In case of any issues, email us at traileoni@unibocconi.it.

Below you can find some examples to guide you.



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