‘We can innovate, we have to innovate’. Marco Tronchetti Provera bets on the new generations.

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Di Gianluca Basciu e Eleonora Recupero

Pondering upon the importance of international investments was the main aim of the conference ‘R&D in Accelerated Processes – Pirelli and Formula 1’, which brought up a series of issues related to Pirelli Society. Marco Tronchetti Provera, Pirelli’s Chief Executive Officer, and Maurizio Boiocchi, Chief Technical Officer, were greeted by Bocconi’s top professors, Tito Boeri, Paola Cillo and a few others, in order to masterfully monitor the meeting’s round table.

Mrs Cillo debuted the conference by pointing out the general key facts related to the pursuit of a successful firm, underlining how a company’s size might compromise its future outcome. ‘Large companies have huge advantage in R&D due to scale effect, experience curve and shelf technologies’. This introduction was subsequently followed by a general picture of Pirelli, summarized by Mr Boiocchi: this data gave the audience a light taste of ‘one of the most profitable companies in the sector’. The conceptual triangular scheme which emerged from his words defined speed, cost and quality as winning society’s main skills. A story of success which still lacks time. On this purpose, Professor Giovanni Valentini metaphorically explained how a task, as banal as studying a volume, may not be achieved in one day: persistence and the mere presence of time are crucial to succeed well in a project. This, according to the same theory, eventually results in a considerable profit, but ‘money is not enough’. Such reflections then became food for thought in order to explain the economical strategies Pirelli used to affirm its control of the market.

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We interviewed Mr Tronchetti Provera after the meeting. He attributes great importance to the people who work in his company and to their commitment. <The company has to be transparent> he himself affirms, for the staff to believe in what is being done. Indeed, part of his previous speech have been addressed to the importance of F1, in order for Pirelli to soar, and to carry on the constant process of innovation: <if you fail, start again, but do it with the right people>.

With regards to the news, the topical drawing up of the contract stipulated with Russian company Rosneft (investing more than 550 million euros in Pirelli), represents a further achievement. Although seemingly dangerous due to the country’s political instabilities, Mr Tronchetti Provera states <firms shouldn’t care about politics>. Plus, <they should nevertheless be present in order to increase employment and expand in other countries to enhance research and distribution>. His reflection on politics finally evolves in a broader argument regarding Italy’s still condition, addressing the younger generations in order to act and make a change: <they have no bonds with the past, they are able to take charge of public affairs>.

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