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University News

October Graduation Ceremonies to be held in person. Bocconians in the Graduate and Law Schools will receive their hard-earned “piece of paper” in presence. However, only three guests will be allowed and any celebration on campus will have to be limited.No guidelines have been released for Bocconi Undergraduates, who can still count on the screenshot of yoU@B – rigorously, with their final grade hidden – to inform their followers​​. Some suggested that an online ceremony could be introduced.

New regulation concerning guests in Residences. The Housing center updated students regarding the famous “ordinanza”, forbidding any external guests.​ Indeed, from now on, a maximum number of external guests is fixed for each residence hall and each resident may have only one external guest per day, down from the five predicted last week. Moreover, the guest must be a student’s relative or their boyfriend/girlfriend. Finally, the Housing Center’s​ guidelines impose that students living in residences are only allowed to meet their external guests in common rooms, without taking them to their apartments.

Expanded Wi-Fi Coverage in Residences. More access points to widen the Wi-Fi Coverage will be added in the Bocconi residences, starting from Arcobaleno with 150 additional points.

World News

EU fails to unblock sanctions due to lack of unanimity The European Union’s foreign ministers failed to reach an agreement after a diplomatic confrontation over Belarus on Monday, despite an appeal by the country’s main opposition leader to approve sanctions on officials who were accused of rigging the election in August. Belarus’ opposition lader travelled to Brussels to convince the EU to follow through with its threat to impose sanctions, while a sixth weekend of protests against President Alexander Lukashekno ensued.

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Hundreds of US companies fight new rules on hedge fund disclosure. Hundreds of US-listed companies, including Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble and Ford, have come out against a proposal from the securities regulator that would protect the vast majority of hedge funds from disclosing their stock market holdings. The Securities and Exchange Commission proposal would deal a “debilitating blow” to investor relations, as they would relieve all but the world’s largest 550 investment managers from disclosing their public equity holdings.

The European Commission unveils a plan to overhaul the EU migration policy. President Ursula von der Leyen unveiled a migration plan proposal drafted by the European Commission. The proposal aims at increasing repatriations of failed asylum seekers and increasing redistributions of migrants among EU countries, yet with no compulsory mechanism.

Kentucky grand jury declines to file homicide charges in death of Breonna Taylor: Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron determined on Wednesday that two officers involved in the death of Breonna Taylor were justified in firing their weapons into her apartment, while another was charged with recklessly firing rounds that endangered people in a neighboring unit. This decision has inflamed racial protests nationwide, with the Black Lives Matter movement becoming even stronger. The Attorney suggested that the announcement at a news conference marked the end of the state’s formal investigation into a death that has galvanized the nation and further animated the already heated debate around racial inequality. Taylor’s family, their attorney, celebrities and activists said that Cameron and the jury has disregarded the life of an innocent Black woman and the decision left them again questioning the fairness of the US justice system.

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China’s industrial profits grow for fourth straight month. Profits of China’s industrial sector grew for the fourth straight month in August, in part driven by a rebound in commodities prices and equipment manufacturing. China’s recovery has been gaining momentum as pent-up demand, government stimulus and surprisingly resilient exports propel a rebound. Raw material and general equipment manufacturing profits increased significantly since August, despite factory activity growing at a slower pace.

Trump nominates Amy Coney Barrett to US Supreme Court. US President Donald Trump announced the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the US Supreme Court on Saturday, kicking off what is set to be a fierce confirmation battle just weeks before November’s presidential election. Mr. Trump presented Ms. Barrett’s nomination in stark terms, claiming that the right to own guns under the Second Amendment was at stake. Favoured by religious conservatives and anti-abortion campaigners, Ms. Barret is set to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the liberal icon and women’s right activist who passed away last week. The announcement was the first step in what will be an accelerated process to deliver to conservatives a powerful 6-3 majority on the US Supreme Court.

News italiane

Con il 69,64% dei voti, i “Sì” al referendum costituzionale confermano il taglio dei parlamentari. Nel corso della stessa tornata si è votato anche per le elezioni regionali, che con un sostanziale pareggio hanno visto tre regioni rimanere al centrosinistra (Toscana, Puglia e Campania) e una passare al centrodestra, che si attesta così a tre (Marche, Veneto e Liguria). Ancora in fieri la situazione in Valle d’Aosta, dove non è prevista l’elezione diretta del Presidente. I consensi di Luca Zaia, Presidente del Veneto, sono i più alti mai registrati (76,79%), con un risultato particolarmente buono per la lista del presidente che drena consensi dalla Lega Nord, il suo partito.

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L’Italia andrà sulla Luna con la NASA. A quasi 50 anni dall’ultima missione lunare, l’amministratore della NASA e il sottosegretario alla Presidenza del Consiglio firmano un accordo che potrebbe portare i primi italiani sul satellite terrestre. L’obiettivo è quello di ritornare sulla Luna nel 2024, installando una colonia dove gli astronauti possano continuamente darsi il cambio e l’Italia è stato il primo Paese europeo a firmare un accordo bilaterale con gli USA.

Studenti, genitori, attivisti in marcia a Milano per il clima: è la prima protesta post Covid-19. A Milano è stato un venerdì di proteste. Studenti e genitori sono scesi in piazza per manifestare e chiedere una “scuola diversa”, accanto agli attivisti dei Fridays for Future. Il corteo è partito alle 9,30 da Largo Cairoli. Gli striscioni recitano: “Vogliamo essere liberi di vivere una scuola accessibile e sicura”. Gli organizzatori riferiscono che la volontà dei manifestanti è quella di rivendicare un reale investimento economico e politico nell’istruzione pubblica italiana e spiegano che per riaprire in sicurezza era necessario curare la scuola da tutti i problemi antecedenti all’emergenza sanitaria, causati di anni di tagli operati dal governo, che ha ridotto spazi, personale e fondi.

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