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Return to Campus: the 2021 Spring Semester

Return to campus
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Our team member, Julia Rosher, interviewed nine Bocconi students to learn more about their personal thoughts on the return to campus and why they each decided to come back to Milan amidst current city restrictions and conditions at Bocconi. Below you will find their responses.

Bocconi returned for the Spring semester earlier this month, adopting a hybrid learning style for most of its classes as well as continuing with other safety and sanitary precautions in an attempt to have student life return to normalcy as much as possible while still keeping students and staff safe and healthy.

Tra i Leoni captured the beginning of the new semester as more students returned to campus for in-presence classes, studying in the library, or are seen chatting with friends during breaks as we all are trying to make the best of the current situation.

We decided to ask some students where they are from and when they arrived back here in Milan. Next, we wanted to learn more about their personal thoughts about the return to campus by asking them why they decided to return to Milan and how they feel about being back on campus at Bocconi. Here below you can find what they told us!

Lodovico Menchini – Msc Management, Year 1 

I’m from Massa, Italy. I came back to Bocconi on the 3rd of February. I decided to come back to Milan for the possibility of in presence classes and to see my friends again. I’m really happy about returning to campus. I missed it, and I think it was the best decision 

Ethaniel Aspin – World Bachelor in Business, Year 3 

I am from the UK and South Africa originally. I came back to Milan on the 28th of January, and decided to come back for the campus vibes, Bao bing, and Italian language classes. I am excited to be back with my friends in class! 

Karina Spinazzola – World Bachelor in Business, Year 3 

I am from San Diego, USA. I came back to Milan on the 28th of January mostly because I missed my friends and apartment here. Also, I am really glad that the campus is open, and we get to return to in presence classes again. 

Alberto Fiorentino – BIEM, Year 2 

I am from a different city in Italy and returned to Milan during the first week of February. I came back to Milan because I got bored at home and wanted to utilize some of the available services on Bocconi’s campus. I am really enjoying being here, and it’s so good to be back in Milan. 

Michela – CLMG, Year 3  

I’m from Italy and came back on January 28th. I decided to come back obviously to go back to lessons in presence. Actually, I didn’t expect the return to be so pleasant, but it has been so nice! I missed this kind of social contact, so I’m very glad to be back here in Milan right now. 

Laurenz Hofmann – BIEM, Year 3 

I am from Stuttgart, Germany and came back to Milan recently on the 4th of February. I decided to come back to Milan mostly because the city and cafès were reopening again and to meet up with friends. I’m very happy about every step towards normality. 

Marcos Figliuolo – MSc Finance, Year 1 

I am from Manaus, Brazil and actually decided to stay in Milan over the holidays, so I haven’t left. I hope the return to campus runs smoothly and we are able to continue the on-campus lectures while managing to avoid the tail risks that such a return might entail for us. 

Andrea Intorre – CLEAM, Year 1 

I am from Pisa, Italy and returned back to Milan on the 3rd of February. I came back because my lifestyle here is more stimulating than back where I live in pisa, and I’m constantly surrounded by Bocconi students. I am really happy to be back, but I am still not able to meet all my classmates because I have noticed that there have not been very many other students in my classes. 

Lauren Guiducci – Specialized Master (Sustainability and Energy Mngmt)

My hometown is Brussels, Belgium, and I arrived here in Milan on the 6th of January. I came to campus because we were lucky to start classes in presence, and I wanted to take advantage of this opportunity and experience from the very beginning. I feel like Bocconi has invested a lot in security, sanitization, and organization of the facilities to respect the distancing. So, I feel really safe being on campus and quite lucky to get to socialize and meet new people in a secure way. 

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