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Los Angeles women’s march

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The 2018 women’s marches across the nation were only the second of its kind but managed to gather millions of people who turned out for varying political reasons.

While many brought signs and shouted chants that supported the female power and encouraged the strength of sisterhood, others used these marches to protest the then current president, Donald Trump, and their general disdain for his social actions and administrative policies limiting female freedom.

In Los Angeles, 600,000 attended the march that took place in the heart of the city with music and motivational speakers lining the whole path. Several speakers encouraged women to channel this energy into political motivation.

Others were starting chants and spreading contagious energy across the crowds, in the end making the event more about the strength for the community and truly a bonding moment for all who marched.

While the marches have been unable to continue annually due to COVID regulations, the energy and spirit behind this movement is still strong.

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