Tra i Leoni n. 96, October 2021

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It is with great pride we announce that Tra i Leoni n. 96 is out! In this issue, our writers engage with the idea of “Back to Bocconi”, once a mundane topic for students in the past, now an atypical experience during an ongoing pandemic.

The Milan we returned to this autumn is quite different from the Milan we left four months ago. Despite the COVID pandemic raging on, student life is heading for a new stage of “normalcy”, as our writers explored after interviewing Bocconiani on-campus. An interview with Professor Valentina Bosetti helps explore what “back-to-business” means to her research and work, while students are wary but optimistic about their academic lives in the coming months in “Bocconi life”: are we back?.

Our writers also confront some pre-pandemic norms that are now questioned from multiple perspectives: technology (New or old normal?), labour rights (98 hours per week), proponents for democracy and free journalism (State of Emergency and Journalists in Afghanistan: The deadly fight for freedom of speech), and climate justice (Code Red: what next?) all converge together to challenge the “old normal” for a fairer and greener world.

As you, our faithful reader, will soon find in this edition, our writers worked hard to show the new yet familiar world we find ourselves in. From the return of cultural and art venues (Finding solace in arts) to the internship experiences of our fellow classmates (Il teatro dal Verme riapre alla città e alla Bocconi and A trainee at the ECB) to analyzing tourism’s effect on GHG emissions (Like footprints in the sand), there is no limit to our effort to understand what it means to “return to being human”.

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