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Game summary: Bocconi Basketball v.s. Basket Seriana Nembro

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The sports center was roaring with noise pre-game, as the Bocconi Men’s basketball first team was warming up for an important match, taking on Basket Seriana. The team has had a rough start this season, losing some close games due to bad luck and injuries exacerbating existing difficulties in the roster. The starting lineup included Massimiliano Bordi, a player who ended up undoubtedly being the game’s MVP in Bocconi’s win. In an interview, he expressed his satisfaction with the match and the significance of the win: “It’s a really important win coming off a few consecutive losses. Being a team with a lot of potential, we had some difficulties also because of injuries, so it’s a really important win for the team’s morale and for the university.” 

The game began in a point-for-point duel between the two teams, both equally forceful on the offensive end. Aggressive and efficient defense helped Bocconi transform defense into offense and take a 4 point lead to end the 1st quarter. The players seemed even more energized in the 2nd quarter, maintaining a solid lead throughout. However, playmaking and general offensive mistakes allowed Seriana to score multiple easy baskets as they caught up with Bocconi, tightening up the game once again.  

During the halftime break, the crowd had the pleasure to see Bocconi’s very own cheerleaders perform. Their performance was energetic and entertaining, consisting of choreography for the song “Toxic” by Britney Spears. The cheerleaders surely boosted the players’ and the spectators’ morale, as well as building an important sense of school spirit much needed at home sports games.  

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The 3rd quarter, often decisive in basketball games, saw the team exhibiting an intense level of focus and assertiveness. Riccardo Santolamazza, the team’s starting point guard, pushed the tempo and made plays to set up easy points during crucial minutes, as he finished the game with 5 assists. We also saw Seriana becoming more fierce, taking the lead a few minutes into the 3rd quarter. As Bocconi played pivotal minutes, Giovanni di Rauso and Dario Cefarelli’s persistent offensive rebounding balanced out the team’s missed shots, as they helped put points on the board with free throws and second chance points, closing out the quarter with a commanding 12 point lead.  

After a battling first half, Bocconi was able to get ahead during the 3rd and kept the big lead and playing style consistent throughout the 4th. The final score of 73-54 is enough to highlight the team’s efforts and efficiency Sunday at the Bocconi sports center.  

The player of the game, Massimiliano Bordi, knocked down 3 three-pointers contributing to his game-high 17 points on 50% shooting from the field. He ended the match with an impressive +/- of 19. During a post-game interview, Bordi talked about difficulties entering the game: “We knew we were going up against a team two spots higher than us in the rankings, so it was a pretty tough game. There was some tension, since when you’re coming from a few bad games there’s always some pressure and desire to play well, but luckily we were able to make it and take home the win.”   

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He also mentioned the importance of supporters in the stands: “I wanted to add that we hope to bring more students and alumni to the stands to watch us in the next games, which for us as a university team is very important.”  

Bocconi secured an important win Sunday night at the sports center, with players and fans hoping that they are able to stay healthy and ignite a win streak in the next games.  

Go Pelicans!  

Social media caption: On Sunday night the Bocconi Men’s basketball team faced off against Basket Seriana in the 9th matchday of the season. Tensions were high for both teams during a battling first half, but Bocconi’s intensity and energy during the 3rd quarter secured the win. The top scorer, Massimiliano Bordi, earned MVP of the game, as his 17 points on 50% shooting helped Bocconi take the lead and maintain it throughout the match. Final Score: 73-54.  

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