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Associations on Display: Day 1

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As promised, below are some of the descriptions of the associations on display today. Note that you should expect the language in which each paragraph is written to reflect the language in which most of that association’s activities take place. Go meet them. 


BESt – Bocconi Equal Students 

Bocconi Equal Students is a student association active since 2010, aimed at promoting respect and equality for each of the many identities found inside and outside the Campus. Since its foundation, BESt has organized conferences, movie screenings and other events with the aim of raising awareness on the issues faced by individuals in three main areas: LGBTQIA+ rights, gender equality and disability. The association is open to everyone who is interested in broadening their knowledge of social issues and in meeting a truly diverse group of people. 

Bocconi Students Against Organized Crime 

The fight against Mafia is not something dedicated to the past or to the powerful. It is a daily gesture that involves each of us. With Bocconi Students against Organized Crime you can do your part. This semester -together with experts in the field- we will tackle the instrumentalization that organized crime has made of recent technological innovations, we will talk about NFT, blockchain, crypto and much more. Recruitment is open, details on IG page @bsoc_association. 

Students for Humanity 

Students for Humanity nasce nel 2011 da un gruppo di studenti con la volontà di promuovere all’interno dell’ambiente universitario valori di solidarietà e responsabilità sociale. In collaborazione con CIESSEVI e con Bocconi Social Engagemen, SFH gestisce il desk permanente di orientamento al volontariato, dove lo studente trova non solo consulenza ma anche la testimonianza diretta di chi ha già esperienza nel mondo del volontariato. SFH organizza eventi, fund raising, esperienze all’estero – come quella a Wasa, in Tanzania – e campagne di sensibilizzazione, affinché la vita universitaria possa formare persone consapevoli di ciò che li circonda sia dentro che fuori le mura dell’ateneo. Inoltre, l’associazione divulga temi di stampo sociale, geopolitico e culturale nel suo blog “informa(l)mente”. SFH è fondamentale per tutti quelli che sentono di poter donare ed apportare un cambiamento significativo al mondo, ritrovando un’umanità che si va sempre più perdendo. Se pensi di essere propenso ad una di queste attività, o volessi scoprirle, unisciti perché “se si sogna da soli è solo un sogno, se si sogna insieme, è la realtà che comincia”. 

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B.lab is the biggest representative group in Bocconi, active since 2001, and having obtained 22 seats out of 28 in the last elections we are working every day through our Representatives for the wellbeing of each student. But B.lab is about much more than that, it’s a laboratory of ideas and collaboration where everyone can contribute to improve student life in our University. To join B.lab there is no particular procedure to follow, you don’t need any role, just come to our events and open meetings and choose the activities you want to take part in! 

Bocconi Chinese Student Association 

BCSA is Italy’s biggest Chinese students association, an initiative to spread and promote Chinese culture to those who are interested in and fascinated from it. With it’s cutlural, business, marketing and social media teams, BCSA aims at connecting all those who are interested in China or to a future career related to it. 

Bocconi Students Polish Society 

Bocconi Students Polish Society (BSPS) is the largest organization for Polish students in Italy.  The association focuses on helping Polish students immerse themselves in the Milanese lifestyle, promote Polish culture and facilitate the entrance into the international job market. Our activities include organising events with prominent international figures, sharing news concerning Poland and cultivating Polish traditions during “aperitivi”. Come meet us on Monday on Associations on Display between 2pm – 6pm! 

Erasmus Student Network Milano Bocconi 

ESN Bocconi is a lot of things. We welcome exchange students organizing events and activities which help them living the best semester of their life. And this means we combine culture, sport, sustainability, social inclusion, parties, all in an international environment. Everyone – no matter their passions – can find their place in our Association. And while meeting people from all over the word! Moreover, being part of the international network Erasmus Student Network gives us the possibility to participate in unforgettable national and international events involving thousands Italian and European students who share our same values. 

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Association for Gender Equality and Diversity in Academia (AGEDA)  

Our Association is dedicated to the aim of promoting equal opportunities and fair recognition in the academic environment. To this aim, we focus on raising awareness on bias in professional relationships and overcoming prejudices that can be an obstacle in one’s career. We truly believe in the importance of building an academic environment that works towards equality and inclusion together and thus invite everyone to become a member and engage actively in our networking events and workshops on research and soft skills. Find us on Twitter (ageda_bocconi), LinkedIn, or on our website for more information! 


World@B presents students from around the world opportunities to connect with others. Through social events, workshops, and guest speakers you can learn about cultures and traditions and become a part of an accepting and safe environment. We provide resources to help ease your transition as you settle into the Bocconi lifestyle and Milan. Our members are curious, open-minded, and welcoming to new people. Join us in our mission to bond over similarities and embrace differences while we expand the World@B community and make Milan our home away from home. We will see you at tent 11 on Monday from 2-6pm! If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to as.worldatb@unibocconi.it 

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