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Associations on Display: Day 2

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Bocconi Students for Sport Management

Bocconi Students for Sport Management, also known as BSSM, is a student association born in 2015, and composed by people who are strongly interested in the economic and managerial dynamics that characterize the sports industry.

The association is composed by three divisions: Events (organization of conferences, tournaments and internal challenges); Network (consulting projects for professional sports teams and agreements with companies and start-ups); Digital (management of social channels like Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and the website bssportmanagement.com/)

Would you like to know more? Come and visit us at Association on Display on Tuesday 13th from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm!

Culturit Bocconi Studenti

Culturit Bocconi Studenti è parte di un network nazionale di studenti universitari sparsi in tutta Italia. In Culturit ci occupiamo di progetti di consulenza e di ricerca a supporto del settore culturale italiano, promuovendone l’innovazione e avvicinando i giovani al mondo del lavoro nei settori creativi. Culturit offre la possibilità di mettere in pratica le competenze apprese nelle aule universitarie grazie alla collaborazione con numerose istituzioni sul territorio milanese.

Entrepreneurship club Bocconi

Entrepreneurship Club Bocconi is the first Entrepreneurship Club of Milan, founded in 2011. The foundation of our association lays within our 3 core values: Learn, Network, Build.

Our members enjoy a network of like-minded people and Entrepreneurs, as well as the possibility to attend seminars and workshops relevant to the modern entrepreneurial ecosystem.

We have a history of members benefiting from our events to the point of founding their very own business or getting unique internship opportunities.

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We are looking forward to your application!

JEME Bocconi Studenti

JEME was born in 1988 thanks to 8 entrepreneurial students eager to get involved and experience firsthand what they were being taught in class.

Sharing special moments and working together gave the opportunity to create and grow the big, beautiful family that characterizes the reality of JEME to this day.


JEME carries out strategic consulting projects such as business plans, market entries and market analysis for startups, SMEs and multinational companies.


JEME gives a chance to its members to improve themselves by engaging with brilliant minds and to overcome new challenges together daily, achieving common goals.

JEME is a place that makes it possible to learn and pass on knowledge, but above all it is a community of people who dream big and bring ideas to life, always supported by the mutual help of those around them.


Family Business Association

Family Business Association Bocconi is the first university association that brings students passionate about this subject into close contact with the best family companies throughout Italy. Thanks to national and international partnerships, every year we organize multiple company visits (Stone Island, Max Mara, Balocco, Beretta…), conferences with experts and meetings with other European associations. In addition, our members will have the opportunity to participate in the second edition of the highly awaited Business Game in partnership with Ernst & Young, which will stimulate associates in the solving of an exclusive case study presented to them with eyes on the prize.

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Build Sustainable Innovation – BSI

BSI is a student-run organization striving to raise awareness around sustainable innovation by gathering interests and further developing expertise on innovation and technology impact. In BSI, we experience these themes thanks to 5 interconnected divisions: Consulting, Tech, Events, Digital and NIMS. Furthermore, the association benefits from a rich network of companies, entrepreneurs and alumni, which meaningfully contribute to the growth of BSI members through their experience, insights and visions. Applications are now open, you have time until the 18th of September. Join us!

Link to the application form: https://forms.gle/qmYEnuaKkViAyBVF7

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