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Associations on Display: Day 3

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Bocconi Students Debate Club

Bocconi Students Debate Club is a student-led association aimed at creating a community of experienced and novice debaters. We’re cultivating essential skills of critical thinking and public speaking by introducing students to actual topics relevant to today’s world of Politics, Economics, Technology, and Science.

We aspire to become a staple in British Parliamentary Debate for Bocconi, representing students with a wide variety of passions and thinkers of all backgrounds. In the light of the new year to come, we hope to invite engaging guest speakers and collaborate with other associations on campus.

Join in to make new friends, take part in free weekly training sessions, fun social activities, and the opportunity to compete abroad!

Bocconi student International Law Society

Bocconi Students International Law Society is an association focused in International Law and geopolitics, discussing legal and economic issues from an international perspective.

Writing articles and papers and joining in exciting and enriching events, you’ll have the perfect opportunity to deepen your knowledge in international matters and to discuss them together.

If you enjoy international law and economics and geopolitics, you can be the perfect fit for us! Check out our website and Instagram page to discover more about our activities!

European Generation

Youthless policy is useless policy!

Born in 2013 with the common interest to shape the European Union of tomorrow, European Generation (EG) is Bocconi University’s only student association gathering members who are committed to discussing the present and future challenges of the EU. Grown ever since, our association spreads information about the EU and debates pertinent topics – from a policy-making perspective.

Our EG community is diverse both in terms of nationalities and ideologies and unified by the shared mission to shape the future EU. Applications are open for all of our four divisions: the Policy and Research Division, the Events Division, the Media Division, and the HR and Operations Division.

Shipping, Energy, and Geopolitics Bocconi Student Association

The Shipping Energy and Geopolitics BSA, was created with the goal of bringing together students interested in and pursuing a career in the field of Shipping, Energy or Geopolitics. Our focus is events, such as seminars and roundtables, and article writing covering the latest trends and developments of the markets and the world.  

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SEG provides its members with the opportunity to know everything about the political geography, the world shipping and energy markets, as well as to benefit by a robust international alumni network. 


Bocconi Behavioral Insights Association of Students

The Bocconi Behavioral Insights Association of Students focuses on exploring how cognitive, social, cultural and emotional factors affect the way in which individuals and institutions take decisions. Our interests range from theoretical finding to practical applications in several fields such as public policy, technology, business, and finance. Our association aims at spreading awareness on the field of behavioral science and its impact on several aspects of our lives. As such, we organize events discussing the latest and most interesting findings, host experts from all around the world, create experimental economics games, publish blog articles and use our platforms to share biases and insights.

Rethinking Economics Bocconi Students

Rethinking Economics Bocconi Student is the only association in Bocconi that thinks about Economics in its widest sense. We are part of a global network (Rethinking Economics) with outreach in five continents and we want to enable change in the curriculum of the university towards a more pluralistic approach to this subject. We do this by setting up events, writing articles, publishing a podcast, and organising workshops where our members can discuss and learn about heterodox schools of thought. 

Studenti Bocconiani Liberali — Milton Friedman Society

Interested in liberal economics and politics? Apply to SBL-Milton Friedman Society and visit our social media!

Bocconi Students Advocacy and Litigation

Bocconi Students Advocacy & Litigation è l’associazione studentesca più risalente della Scuola di Giurisprudenza della nostra Università.

A&L vanta di trattare il diritto in tutte le sue sfumature, consentendo ai propri associati di avvicinarsi ai diversi risvolti pratici della materia in maniera stimolante e innovativa. Dal suo progetto fondante, ossia le simulazioni processuali, che permettono agli studenti di mettere alla prova le proprie qualità di litigator, A&L presenta esperienze irripetibili, quali visite alle maggiori corti italiane, scambi internazionali con prestigiose università partner e momenti formativi presso le più interessanti e affermate realtà del panorama legale e finanziario. E molto altro ancora, spaziando dal mondo del contenzioso alla realtà dell’avvocatura d’affari.

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Attraverso quello che è anzitutto un affiatato gruppo di amici e colleghi, A&L offre la possibilità di collegare il diritto studiato sui manuali universitari al diritto della professione legale fin dai primi anni di studi.


Born as a list of student representatives, our motto is “by jurists, for jurists”: Ius@B was born in 2019 to make the already rich Law students’ life at Bocconi even richer. Over the years, we tried to deepen different areas of law, connecting them to topical issues through activities of every kind: from events with great guest speakers (on human rights, revenge porn, the labor market, …) to our blog area with articles we write ourselves. And don’t forget the handouts on the most challenging CLMG subjects and the networking aperitivos! Come to visit us at AssociationsOnDisplay, at Desk 9! 

Keiron – La Casa del Penalista

Keiron – La Casa del Penalista è l’unica associazione ad occuparsi di Diritto penale in Bocconi. 

Si compone di tre aree: Eventi, Ricerca e Social. Si caratterizza per una coinvolgente attività associativa, di organizzazione di eventi e redazione di articoli, volta ad approfondire e promuovere le tematiche relative al Diritto penale. Inoltre, l’obiettivo principe è quello di integrare la preparazione teorica-manualistica con un approccio pratico tramite simulazioni processuali.

Res Ethica

Have you ever felt that urge to stand up for discussing your own ideas or for expressing your opinion against something that you perceive as unbearably wrong? We, at ResEthica, organise lectures, discussions and real debates to give you this chance and to learn more about law, its economic analysis, ethics and current affairs. You’ll also have the possibility to write your own articles!

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Come and join us to learn more or follow us on our Instagram account @resethica

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