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Associations on Display: Day 4

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Associazione Studentesca di Filosofia

We would like to create an association that is able to unite whoever is passionate not only about philosophy, but also about art, poetry, theatre, cinema and literature.Our main goal is to start a dialogue through conferences with experts and professors but also through get togethers with associates.

It’s a new project, yet to be finalised: the aim would be to do that together, as members of the newly formed association.

Work is already in progress on lectures, symposia and meetings, and we can’t wait to hear all about your suggestions!

Bocconi Students Arts Society

We define our association as a bridge, between arts and the Bocconi community, and between people. Our main activity involves organizing and managing cultural events (exhibitions, conferences), with the intent of bringing arts and culture to our university, and addressing cultural topics using a more political and economic viewpoint. BSAS wants to be a safe environment that welcomes arts of all kinds, where each member is invited to give their opinions and propose new ideas.

Joining this association means finding new friends with similar interests and enjoying to the fullest the possibility that a city like Milan and a community like Bocconi can offer.


B Active Bocconi Students

Bactive Bocconi Students is an association focused on the importance of philanthropy and youth activism. Our main aim is encouraging young people to live actively, thus leaving their comfort zone. We strongly believe that among our community there are many others who believe that philanthropy is an important topic, since helping other people and doing good makes you feel better. Furthermore, the new generations want to be involved, so that they can have both a social and an economical impact that improves the welfare of the society generally intended.

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Therefore, we want to offer unmissable opportunities in order to make you feel important and part of a great change. Our advice is to be active in everyday life, because one thing we know beyond all doubt is that nothing has ever been achieved by the person who says “it can’t be done.”


Bwine is an association full of passionate students keen on learning more about the world of wine. Last year the association organized engaging wine tastings and dinners all around Milan, in order to be in touch with industry experts and to fully experience the wine culture. Bwine also expands its boundaries and organizes events outside Milan. Last year it took part in Vinitaly and planned an amazing trip to Montalcino. In April the Bwine Gala took place, where students could finally suit up and appreciate different food and wine pairings.

This year we are looking for new wine enthusiasts who want to enrich our future events with their  ideas!

Bocconi Aviation Student Society (B.A.S.S)

Are you interested in the world of aviation? Thinking of a career in the aviation industry or just enjoy airplanes? Are you simply curious about aviation or a hardcore av-geek? This is the association for you! The Bocconi Aviation Student Society aims to create a group of students who are passionate about the world of aviation on any level. We are an association that likes to cater to its members, with topics of discussion left to members to decide! Topics can vary from topics on piloting, to supply chains, to recent aviation news or historical aviation. It’s a great way to meet new people and make new friends.  We hope to hear from you!

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Bocconi Students Sailing Team

BSST-Bocconi Students Sailing Team-invites you to join them in a year full of activities: from aperitivos in the sky to sailing days on one of the Italian must-visit places, Lake Como, and 3-days trips around Italy. This is the time to find your spirit and engage in a series of adventures.

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