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Associations on Display: Day 5

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Last day of Associations on Display. Go check the associations out there today. This afternoon, you can come meet us as well. We’ll be at desk 10 from 2 to 6 pm.


Bocconi Students Women in Finance

WiF is a collaborative student association which empowers female presence in the financial services industry. Through weekly market recap meetings, a mentorship programme run with senior members and alumnae and meetings with various financial institutions, we give our members the possibility to really delve into the dynamic field of finance.


Bocconi Students Finance Society

Bocconi Student Finance Society is a prestigious association for those who are motivated enough to enter the world of high finance. We have an extensive alumni network as we have been active for 10 years being one of the longest standing finance associations. We have placed alumni into investment banks like Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and Rothschild, but also consulting & private equity firms like McKinsey, Blackstone and Bridgepoint. Ultimately, we are an association where you get to meet like-minded ambitious individuals from diverse backgrounds and together strive to enter the most prestigious companies in finance.

Bocconi Students for Value Investing

BSVI è una nuova associazione nata con l’obiettivo di capire, studiare e valutare, da un punto di vista sia finanziario che strategico, aziende operanti in diversi settori di mercato. Il nostro lavoro è svolto interamente in team, all’interno del quale ogni componente avrà la possibilità di cimentarsi in analisi di bilancio attraverso l’utilizzo di banche dati e documenti ufficiali, per poi spingersi a formulare conclusioni relativamente al valore dell’azienda presa in considerazione. Se vuoi scoprire di più ed entrare a far parte del nostro team ti aspettiamo ad Associazioni in Mostra.

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