Tra i Leoni n. 93, December 2020

Tra i Leoni n. 93
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Tra i Leoni n. 93 is now online! This edition is devoted to the celebration of internationalism, and it includes articles about Lithuania, Poland, India and Chile as perceived by locals. 

In our trip around the globe we could not forget Milan, pictured in a piece of poetry, in addition to an article taking a close look at the challenges of running a small bakery in the city.

Congratulations to Martina Destino, the winner of our photography contest! Her picture of Castel Sant’Angelo is featured in the edition.

In this issue (among others):

  • Interview with Catherine de Vries, dean for Diversity and Inclusion
  • The European approach to U.S. Elections. Why are Europeans more concerned with American elections than their own?
  • The backlash against gender studies
  • Dancing in the age of social distancing. Reimagining performances

You can read the whole edition here below, and it is also possible to download it as a PDF. If you want a more immersive full-screen experience, click here.

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