Tra i Leoni n. 98, March 2022

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It is with immense pleasure that we present you the Issue n. 98 of Tra i Leoni. While witnessing great changes in the body of our association, we felt it was time for some realignment. And sometimes the only way to “go back to the core” is feeling free, facing a blank sheet, smelling the purposefulness of a new start. 

In the March Issue, we wanted to tell you that it is precisely our differences that hold us together, as our new Editorial Director commented on page 2. 

Our attempt here is to be the window through which you can look at the outside panorama. The issue includes:

Hitting the target: success in U.S. foreign policy

A visit to Italy’s biggest science and technology museum 

Steinberg at home: a review of the Saul Steinberg retrospective at the Triennale di Milano

However, we never forget where we belong. Our Bocconi community continues to evolve and grow as we do. Its hopes and its fears flow through the pages of our magazine. Our university exchange program, safety in Milan, students’ feeling of loneliness and its consequences are addressed in the following articles: 

Interviste agli studenti in Exchange: racconti di un’esperienza di formazione e di crescita personale 

Milano: Italy’s safest city?

Loneliness: Dementia’s breeding ground 

Before you start reading, we’d like you to put yourself in the shoes of the person who took the photo of the New York skyline on page 3. Or perhaps if you don’t love skyscrapers, in the shoes of anyone who can see the surrounding reality from a privileged point of view.

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