Tra i Leoni n. 99, May 2022

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It is with excitement that today we announce the publication of the Issue n. 99 of Tra i Leoni. In this edition, we bring to you discussions about democracy, censorship, war, and more light-hearted topics to do with history and art.

With constant coverage of tragedy, it is easy to feel that we are surrounded by it. And that is because, to an extent, that is true. From the Sunset Park shooting to the other side of the Atlantic in Ukraine, at any point in time there is always a disaster occurring. And much like our Editorial Director graciously mentioned on page 2, while tragedy is common it is important, rather it is necessary, for us to not become desensitized to it. Let this Issue serve as a reminder that empathy and understanding are essential to keep us grounded.

Some of the articles in this issue include:

Long live the Freedom of Art: The artistic heritage of Ukraine

Unbeaten Turned Unbeatable: An analysis of how changes in media, electoral law, and social programs have allowed Orban to become virtually impossible to defeat in Hungary

The Stories You (Probably) Missed Recently: From Mali’s civil war and ongoing massacres to El Salvador’s endless spiral of violence

Pakistan: Teetering on the Edge of Democracy

The food saviour, India: Can the troubles caused by Russia be alleviated by other major producers of wheat like India?

Down the Rabbit Hole: Why cognitive patterns predispose to fake news consumption 

The Last Dukes of Milan: A brief historical rundown on one of Milan’s most important ruling

We hope that it is an enjoyable read and that the words of our writers inspire discussions in your day-to-day.

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