Tra i Leoni n. 100, October 2022

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It is with immense pleasure that we present you our 100th Edition. This year marks a season of celebration, as against all odds, our newspaper is turning 25. In the Editorial, and throughout the issue, you can find our reflections on what’s the “secret ingredient” that brought us here.

Undoubtedly our enthusiasm has been challenged by recent tragic events, culminating in the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. But we kept having aperitivos, venerating our mascotte Gali Leo, enjoying every aspect of Bocconi life, listening to your concerns and trying to be your voice – and let us tell you, without masks everything just makes sense again. That’s why we dedicate this edition to you.

From the History of Tra i Leoni to climate change remedies, from exchange students to fashion hints for would-be “finance bros”, we’re sure you’ll find your favourite story.

We are always happy to receive your comments, suggestions, and ideas at traileoni@unibocconi.it. Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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