May 2021 Editorial

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Yesterday we published our May edition, including relevant contributions from a very diverse set of writers. Here you can find the editorial by our editorial director Francesca Sofia Cocco, in which the reasons behind the theme of social change, chosen for this edition, are explained.

Recently, we at Tra i Leoni received an email in which we were addressed with this: “I noticed that you deal with social issues”. In that precise moment, I realized that the seedling idea for this edition, which was yet to germinate, and in general the work we have been doing recently, seemed to have left a mark and attracted the “external” world.

Going back to the origin of Edition n° 95, this time the idea behind the issue came quite naturally, as more and more members showed genuine interest in dealing with this theme of social change. All of us, especially the new members freshly recruited in February, proposed writing articles on issues our society is currently dealing with.

In this issue, we put forward a project on studying street harassment. Our final aim was to raise awareness of safety in the streets of our beloved Milan. We hope you will find some interesting insights from the article we include here, which is our cover story.

Also, while brainstorming for two new columns, we launched two new ideas for this issue. While researching for Tra i Leoni & Jobs, whose first iteration was recently released on our website, the team came up with the idea of interviewing someone working at Amnesty International. After discovering that an alumnus, Alessandro Montesi, is the head of the Activism Unit, Luca managed to conduct an interview with him on how change can be incorporated in our society.

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On the other hand, while working on Young Voices, the new column aiming to interview young environmental activists and entrepreneurs (the first edition of which we recently published on the website), Mathilde managed to bring home an interview with Emmanuel Niyoyabikoze, the founder of Greening Burundi, who was listed among the Top 100 Young African Conservation Leaders. 

As you will have the chance to read for yourself, all our writers in the end had something very important to say about society and what is currently not working, and they delivered important messages to bring about change in different areas. In the next pages, you will read about our society’s biggest vulnerabilities and taboos. You will learn about homeless people, drug abuse, the regulation of euthanasia, homotransphobia, racism, unemployment, women’s rights, religious conflicts, and governments’ ineffectiveness. These topics are further enriched by the personal experience and background of our writers, and of the Bocconi community.

In this edition, we will also leave space to pictures, as we believe that they sometimes communicate even more effectively the power of change. In the last pages, you will find a reportage from our Photography Team, Francesca and Julia.

Concluding this Editorial, I would like to express a big “thank you” to TiL’s Team that works hard to involve our community and to have an impact on it. I hope that you, readers, will be empowered by our words to “be the change you wish to see in the world”! 

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