October 2021 Editorial

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On the 6th of October we published our October edition, including relevant contributions from a very diverse set of writers. Here you can find the editorial by our editorial director Francesca Sofia Cocco, in which the reasons behind the theme of back to Bocconi, chosen for this edition, are explained. 

After a period of darkness, we are finally back to Bocconi!   

At Tra i Leoni, we are doing in-person activities after a long time. We visited our beloved redazione after months and months (for most of us, it was the first time ever). Some of us finally met each other face-to-face after collaborating on Microsoft Teams for more than a year and a half. We held a TiL aperitivo and plan to have at least one per month from now on. We went to the inauguration ceremony of the Bocconi Sport Center, our first in-presence event since November 2019, when President Mattarella came to visit Bocconi.  

I believe that also for you readers this is a period of rebirth. From getting used to lectures in presence, to not wearing masks outside, to having a social life again may be a déja-vu, but, especially for the first- and second-year students, it represents a completely different and new experience compared to the troubled last year.   

However, some things have not come back yet. Student associations cannot hold events on campus. We must still wear masks inside (even for several hours straight during classes) and still cannot sit right next to our classmates.  And we at TiL are still unable to distribute our beloved paper issue.   

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This is why in this issue we decided to investigate this new reality. We sought to understand if it is now possible to return to pre-COVID times or if the changes we have experienced this past year and a half are now irreversible.   

For this purpose, we interviewed some members of the Bocconi community, both students and professors, and asked them about their feelings on the typical experiences of the university, on in-presence lectures and exams, conferences, as well as internships.  

Moreover, our writers confronted some of the most important features of the pandemic and discussed the consequences they have nowadays: social distancing, comparatively slower daily routines, different political structures, teaching models, and working standards.   

Some writers instead concentrated on some hot topics, which have been discussed even before the pandemic and remain unsolved. We see this in the cases of climate change and the energy crisis, as well as the situation in Afghanistan, where the Taliban have seized control two decades after they were driven out of Kabul by US troops.   

Finally, we deal with the return of responsible tourism and arts, which were damaged by the pandemic closures. In particular, we looked for some interesting opportunities for us students in the city of Milan by interviewing a student doing an internship at a local theatre.  

We really hope you will appreciate this new edition of the newspaper and we wish you a happy new academic year! 

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