December 2021 Editorial

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On the 6th of December we published our December edition, including relevant contributions from a very diverse set of writers. Here you can find the editorial by our editorial director Francesca Sofia Cocco, in which the reasons behind the theme of “Behind the scenes”, chosen for this edition, are explained. 

In a world packed with junk-food news, we at Tra i Leoni decided to have an issue dedicated to “Behind the Scenes”. 

The purpose for the edition you are currently reading was to treat familiar matters from a different perspective compared to the one you usually read in the news, aiming to investigate in depth what goes on backstage.  

You may have noticed how our decision is in contrast with the rising trend of click-bait journalism we are witnessing globally. With the rise of Internet and social media, we indeed saw a fundamental change in our information consumption habits. According to a study by the Technical University of Denmark, which was published before Covid-19, people now have a much lower attention span than before. This is due to the increase of content, which makes us crave ‘newness’ and leads us to switch topics frequently. Imagine that, as I already mentioned, this was before Covid-19. As the virus predominated our lives, this tendency accelerated. It is not a coincidence that we saw the rise of the phenomenon known as the “infodemic” and of the TikTok app in the last two years. 

In short, treating news thoroughly is not a given anymore and is not easy to maintain. However, at Tra I Leoni, we maintain our coherence with what our founder Matteo Erede claimed: “being among the lions means going where no one dares, investigating what no one wants to talk about (…)”. 

Thanks to this choice, you will have the chance to read 17 high quality and exclusive articles on several topics.  

In the following pages, you will get to hear back from a special guest at our last event on NFTs. You will get to know the behind the scenes of preCOP26 and COP 26, thanks to an interview with Officine Italia and an in-depth article dedicated to the matter. You will also get to know more about sports, reading directly the words of Bruna Rossi, psychologist of great athletic champions, and of Alberto Uncini Manganelli, the general manager of Adidas running, who just wrote a book on his growth through football. You will improve your knowledge of geopolitics with an article on the use of Twitter by the Taliban and another on the impact the US had on the Middle East. You will learn about women’s rights, with an interview with the founder of Donnexstrada and an article focused on Poland’s abortion law. 

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And this is only a small taste of the many other unusual matters we investigate. Go check them out! 

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Editorial Director from January 2021 to February 2022. An intrepid reporter and extremely curious young woman, passionate about interviews and investigating events and their causes.

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