March 2022 Editorial

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On the 7th of March, we published our latest edition, bringing together the diverse interests of our staff of writers. Here you can find the editorial by our editorial director Linda Bia Fasoli, in which she explores what being a student newspaper means to the members of Tra i Leoni.

Being the Editorial Director of Tra i Leoni is a bit like looking at New York City skyline from a privileged point. Where your eye can reconcile all distances. And effortlessly splash from the tip of the Empire to the golf courses on the Hudson River to the Statue of Liberty.

From this perspective, I witness the cover of Tra i Leoni Issue no. 98 joining our concert of storytelling with deep pride and childlike wonder. After asking myself so many times “What is the core of our newspaper?” and playing keep it or change it with the attributes of our value proposition, it has occurred to me that it is precisely our differences that hold us together.

From this perspective, it is a pleasant surprise to read how the same ideas are inflected according to the diverse sensibilities from different countries and cultural backgrounds. It’s from this premise that creativity is born as a means rather than an end. It’s what we try to build every two months with our (not anymore on) paper issue, and every day on our website. It’s the skyscraper we aim for, and climb, without getting lost in the verticality of our dreams (de-sideribus).

I have established a visceral connection with New York, where I am currently on exchange at New York University, and I am increasingly convinced that its wonder is that there is something for all tastes. It’s populated by characters with something going on their mind. Its cultural wealth comes with an encouraging spirit, full of snobbery, which invites you to take action, to try in your turn, the climb. It eats you if you don’t eat it. And it avoids judging you.

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From this perspective, I’d like the bimonthly issue of Tra i Leoni to be a bit like your just-a-click-away New York City.

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Editorial Director

Born in 2000, she started talking and rebelling very early and never stopped. Currently an ACME student, in the free time she enjoys writing, philosophising and listening to techno.

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