Tra i Leoni n. 102, March 2023

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As a new semester is now well underway and partials are ending, it is with pride and pleasure that we encourage you to take a well-deserved break from studying and delve into the 102nd issue of our newspaper.

At Tra i Leoni, we have always worked hard and enthusiastically at bringing your attention to matters that have impacted, are impacting, or may impact your life in the near future, both close to home and far away. It is with that spirit that we encourage you to read this issue. We will invite you to travel with us around the world. We will bring you to Spain to learn about what feminist policies can look like in a Western democracy, to the United Kingdom to reflect on how anti-trans sentiment can turn mainstream. We will go to Congo – where Italy’s ambassador, the Bocconi alumnus Luca Attanasio, was shot a little over two years ago – and learn about struggles that are too often ignored. We will take you to Turkey, to try to understand the implications of an earthquake that devastated hundreds of thousands of lives from the eyes of our community. We will take you as far as Antarctica through the words of Thomas Pagano, who spent a year there and told us about his experience.

We hope that on each page you will be able to find something that strikes you, and enriches you, whether it be the first-hand experience brought to you from Sydney, London, and New York by members of our team who are currently on exchange, the analysis of future trends in food production and energy transition, or an original read of The Cather in the Rye through article 21 of the Italian Constitution. Enjoy your read.

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