Tra i Leoni n. 103, May 2023

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The world is changing right in front of our eyes. That is arguably always true, as the complex interplay of social, political, and economic processes that makes up the dynamic framework in which we all operate daily is ever-changing. However, if one compares the world in which the current third-year Bocconi entered the university facilities for the first time, in September 2020, to the present world, the change seems particularly tangible. For instance, when I started university, Covid-19 was just about to enter its second wave, and vaccines did not yet exist. In the US, the president was still Donald Trump, while Joe Biden would go on to win the presidential election that would be held a few months later. In Italy, the Prime Minister was still Giuseppe Conte, while in between there have been the Draghi government and the current Meloni-led right-wing executive. Simultaneously, back then the prospect of an invasion war in Europe was unthinkable, while today we are in the middle of one, in Ukraine.

Things that were once exceptional are now perfectly integrated into our usual understanding of the world around us. This awareness serves as the starting point for this edition of our journal, which for this very reason we have decided to title “The New Normal.” In the articles you are about to read, our team tries to delve into this new world in which we have found ourselves from different perspectives. There is a more political point of view brought, among others, by Egemen Aray’s reflection on the post-pandemic rise of authoritarianism in various parts of the world, and by Michele Forti’s very timely letter to Italy. There is the scientific point of view brought by Alisia Picciano, as well as pieces more oriented on social issues, including the collaborative piece on multilingualism and identity in our generation put together by Elisa Latora, Daniela Garcet, Sàra Kendé and Alisia Picciano. There is also a focus on innovative technologies and how they are destined to influence us, such as Tommaso Leone’s piece on the link between ChatGPT and education, which will be more topical than ever. All the pieces of this issue, the last one for this academic year, contribute to building a mosaic of what the world looks like today compared to the past. We hope you like it. Enjoy your read

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Cover drawn by: Polina Mednikova

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