October 2020 Editorial

October 2020
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“We are open”, Bocconi authorities proudly stated at the grandiose inauguration ceremony for the new SDA campus. It was less than a year ago, yet our community seems to have undergone a radical change.

Our University has striven to provide students with the same services and opportunities that normally characterize it. Unfortunately, its efforts have not always been successful – with regards in particular to the past semester’s exam session – but I am sure we all acknowledge the tremendous progress that has been made during the summer, thanks to which classes could eventually resume in blended format.

Tra i Leoni has not been spared by the pandemic either: unable to print our bimonthly publications, we have resorted to an online-only strategy, heavily relying on our website and on social media platforms. It turns out, there might be something true in the saying that we do our best when in difficult situations: rather than being limited by this constraint, our activities have flourished, inaugurating a new creative season that is already bringing exceptional results. What used to be unimaginable is now being accomplished.

This edition of Tra i Leoni – I believe – will serve as evidence of our ambitious aspirations. Featuring a detailed reportage on the impact of blended teaching on the whole Bocconi community, this issue aims to share “information that matters”. The other nucleus around which this edition is centred concerns the condition of women, in particular from the point of view of their life achievements. We have chosen to deal with prejudices they face in academia just as much as in the industry, but the reasoning may well be extended beyond that. Overall, I am proud of the rigour and diversity that characterize this edition: the vast range of topics we deal with and the diverse origins and backgrounds of the writers prove that we are going in the right direction, fulfilling our duty to be the newspaper of all Bocconiani.

Authoritative commentators have highlighted the powerful role information plays in shaping people’s understanding of events and in orienting their choices. That is even more true in the context of the current global crisis, which is now affecting not only health and economics, but also politics. In this framework we then imagine our contribution to the Bocconi community: we will devote ourselves to presenting rigorous and evidence-based analyses, bold proposals and sharp, relevant enquiries.

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readers in the February-October period with respect to 2019

During the first phase of the Covid-19 pandemic, when the University was physically closed and even attending lectures became difficult, we set a historical record in online publications, which has been met by a tremendous increase in our readership – to the point that our website was visited by more than twice the number of readers of the same period in 2019. What is more, we have continued experiencing such levels of interest even during the summer, proving that the foundations we laid down during such a bizarre and difficult semester are solid and our work was met by genuine interest.

That, dear readers, was just the beginning. We wish everybody a good start of the academic year and hope you will follow us and stay tuned.

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Editorial Director from January 2020 to January 2021, now Deputy Director. Interested in European integration and public policy.

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